Student Center “Emergency Evacuation and Fire Drill”

Dear Members of the Koç University Community,

An EMERGENCY EVACUATION AND FIRE DRILL will be held at the Student Center on the 3rd of March 2021, Wednesday (Today) at 13:00 in order to prepare for possible emergencies on campus and fulfill our legal obligations.

When you hear the fire alarm and announcement:
1. Don’t panic! Take your valuable items (cell phones, wallets, car keys, etc.) with you and close the door to your area without locking it and leave the building immediately without running and go to the nearest emergency exit by following the emergency exit directions. Do not use elevators!
2. Follow the directions of the staff appointed for the drill in the Student Center building.
3. After leaving the building using the emergency exit doors, go to the designated “EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY POINT” and wait for the instruction to return to the building and form groups so counting can be done. (The Green Area in front of Henry Ford Building is the “EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY POINT”.)
4. If we have pregnant and disabled employees and students, they should evacuate the buildings last under the control of the staff who will assist them in avoiding damage during rapid evacuation.
5. It is of utmost importance that you identify the emergency exit route located in your building at least once before the drill.
6. The entire drill will be recorded. Please pay attention and act as if it is a real event!

Please note that an emergency may result in the loss of life and property if not responded to immediately!
Kindly submitted for your information.

Best regards,
Security, Fire & Emergency Management