Earthquake Drill

To prepare for emergency and extraordinary situations and to comply with legal requirements, an Earthquake Drill involving all academic buildings in the Rumelifeneri Campus will take place “on Wednesday , December 21, 2022.”

Below, you will find the names, hour, and assembly point for the buildings where the drill will take place:

  1. English Language Center, College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, School of Medicine, College of Science, Rahmi M. Koç College of Engineering, Semahat/Dr. Nusret Arsel Science and Technology Building
  • The drill will start at 11:30
  • The emergency assembly point is the “Soccer Field”.

The drill will start with the earthquake announcement.

When you hear the earthquake announcement,

Get to a safe area, assume the “Drop – Cover – Hold On” position, and wait until you hear the evacuation announcement.

Once the earthquake announcement ends, the evacuation announcement will be heard.

When you hear the evacuation announcement:

  1. Do not panic! Remember that the evacuation will start from the lowest floor then continue onto the upper floors to avoid confusion!
  2. Take your valuables (mobile phone, wallet, car key, etc.) that will not interfere with your evacuation. Follow the emergency exit signs, leave the building using the nearest emergency exit doors and stairs. Take quick steps but do not run. Do not use the elevators!
  3. Once you are out of the building, get to the designated Emergency Assembly Point, join your classes or department so that you can be counted, and wait for further instructions from the officials. Do not leave the area and do not return to the buildings until you are instructed that it is safe to do so.
  4. To prevent injuries during the rapid evacuation, pregnant or disabled staff and students should evacuate the buildings last, with the support of the personnel they designated as helpers.
  5. To learn the emergency exits and evacuation route for your building, it is of great importance that you make at least one reconnaissance tour before the drill.

In buildings where there is teaching or training taking place, faculty members and staff will direct students. In administrative units/buildings, department managers will direct the staff members they are responsible for.)

We kindly request your participation.


Security, Fire and Emergency Management